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How important are social media management and reputation management?
You have an online reputation. If you have been doing business for long at all, that online reputation is there, whether you like it or not. So we could rephrase this question in the following manner: How important is it to have some control over what other people say about you?
What kinds of businesses need help with Yelp?
If you or your competitors have Yelp reviews, this means that people will look for and see information about your business on Yelp - and probably make buying decisions based on what they find. If you have poor reviews or no reviews, you are missing out on considerable business opportunities.
Do I really need to worry about poor reviews on Yelp?
Statistically, the difference between four stars and five stars in your aggregate Yelp score equates to a difference of 5-9% in revenue. However, for some local businesses, it can be far greater than that: a poor review from a single elite reviewer can sometimes sink an entire business.

People often go on Yelp looking for reviews on local businesses. It has become such a popular website that it is basically a search engine all of its own. If you have a good profile on Yelp, you will get more business through Yelp.

However, remember that Yelp does not exist in a vacuum. Poor reviews on Yelp often reflect real problems that need to be addressed within your business, and a poor score (or no score) on Yelp can have a negative effect on your ranking in Google and Bing.
How can Wingfire Social help?
So glad you asked! We help by managing your social media accounts, Yelp account, and accounts in other vital review services. We help to get some poor reviews removed, and we communicate with reviewers and fans and post content that will help to organically result in better review scores.

We also consult with you as a business owner to help you to do better at engaging with the public, improving business operations that Yelp users have complained about, and turning your Yelp reviews - even the undesirable ones - to your benefit.
What do you guarantee?
We guarantee improvement. We know that is vague, but the truth is that our performance is limited by your business operations. The more you work with us together on this, the more effective our services will be. This is because, though we are helping you, what we are helping you do is generate real reviews from real people that improve your score.
Should I hire another company that guarantees all five-star reviews?
If a company promises you endless five-star Yelp reviews regardless of the circumstances, that is probably because they are doing something shady that could backfire on you at some point in the future. How could it backfire? Well, it could get you into trouble with Yelp or Google in such a way that you are penalized and you lose all of the money that you invested in that stellar profile. So no, we would not recommend hiring companies that make such promises.
How do I get started?
Pretty simple: just schedule a free strategy session at the button below, and we will go from there!
Does your company need to improve its online presence?
Schedule a FREE strategy session so that we can discuss your needs and how we can help.
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